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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring and Happy March Equinox. We will 'walk' today, March 20, at Spanish Banks.

For Directions to the Labyrinth,  'Search This Blog' for:

Directions to the Spanish Banks Labyrinth location.

And, remember to wear suitable footwear to cross tide pools.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Equinox Labyrinth Event: Sunday March 20, 2011 at Spanish Banks from 1 to 3 pm - weather permitting.

This event will occur minutes before the March 20th Equinox. Many cultures and religions have celebrated equinox as a time of rebirth with observed holidays and festivals.

Equinox has the property of liminal time: that is, it is betwixt or between winter and spring. Liminal time, like liminal space, is "characterized by ambiguity, openness and indeterminacy where limits in thought, self-understanding and behaviour can be challenged and new insights considered."

Walking a labyrinth on equinox may, therefore, be a time to reflect on the past and celebrate a birth of new thoughts, insights, behaviours and deeper self-understanding.

For directions to the labyrinth search this Blog for the posting:

Directions to the Spanish Banks Labyrinth location

**This event is an opportunity to pray for the people of Japan**

Remember appropriate foot wear to wade through tide pools.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Walking a labyrinth on the foreshore of a beach presents an individual with a dynamic liminal space for an active form of meditation.

Walking a labyrinth is an active form of meditation.
The foreshore of the beach, a dynamic place, is a liminal space: a place 'betwixt' the low and high tide water marks and 'between' the backshore and the nearshore.
Walking a labyrinth on the foreshore of a beach presents an individual with a dynamic liminal space for an active form of meditation.

Photographs from the labyrinth event on March 6, 2011 at Spanish Banks.


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This Blog is for people looking for an outdoor labyrinth to walk in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. These Events are outdoors, on the foreshore of the ocean, so they are weather permitting events. Please check my Blog for Event day confirmation when weather might be an issue. Walking a Labyrinth is like accepting an invitation to pray, meditate, contemplate, dream, celebrate or play; a place to find inspiration, satisfy a curiosity, examine metaphor, mythology or simply, a place to explore liminal space: a 'betwixt and between' place. . . Labyrinths are drawn on the foreshore, betwixt the nearshore and the backshore, between the low and high water marks to present liminal space as a physical location. Labyrinths may also be drawn during liminal time: dusk or dawn and/or solstice or equinox. Victor W Turner has described liminality as "a fructile chaos, a storehouse of possibilities, not a random assemblage but a striving after new forms and structures, a gestation process." My vision is that when you walk a labyrinth on the foreshore, you will access liminal space. For information please email: